Access to the wireless network is given to all currently enrolled VT students. Faculty and staff can obtain wireless and vpn access through their department. Explore the tabs below for information on device configuration.

If you are a visitor to Virginia Tech, visit the guest wireless tab below for information on how to use wireless as a guest.

COLA (Customer On-Line Access) is a web-based self-service tool for registered users.  Authorized users can access COLA to view their bill or register for services such as wireless network access or VPN on campus.

To activate your wireless network service in COLA, select "Activate Wireless Network". If you need to activate your VPN service, select "Activate Remote Access". If you require an authorization code for international long distance calling - you can also activate that service using COLA. You will also be able to view your service history and your invoices and payments. 

Below is a screenshot of what your personal COLA page should look like:

Apple Devices

To connect your apple device to eduroam, go to Wi-Fi under settings. Select eduroam from the available networks. For your username, enter [Your PID] The password is your network password. If you have forgotten your network password, go to your account to reset it.


Android Devices

Select Wi-Fi from the setting menu. Click eduroam. The EAP Method should be PEAP. For Phase 2 Authentication, select MSCHAPv2. Identity is [Your PID] and your password is your network password. You can go to your account to reset your network password if needed.


To connect your laptop to wireless, select the SSID "VirginiaTech". Open a web browser; select Student/Faculty/Staff. Follow the instructions to download the network wizard to configure your device for wireless. For more information, check out this article from 4Help

If you are an on-campus resident attempting to connect devices like a gaming console, smart TV, or streaming device (like a Roku), there is currently a pilot program available for registering and connecting commodity devices. Each student may register up to 5 devices in their name. You may register your devices at For more instructions on this process, take a look at this article from 4Help.

For further technical assistance, please contact 4Help online at or by phone at 540-231-4357.

1. Make sure your WiFi is turned on, and select VirginiaTech from the available WiFi options.


2. If a browser does not automatically open, click here then select, Guest.


3. Create a new account if it is your first time logging on. If you are returning, choose option 2.


4. Complete the self-registration process and you will be sent a password to login.


If short term guest wireless does not support your needs, and you have a PID, you could possibly be eligible for a sponsored account.

If you are a faculty staff person seeking wireless access, the first step  is to contact your departmental communications liaison to see if they will sponsor your account. If your department will not sponsor your account, you can purchase use of the wireless network by filling out and submitting the wireless registration form.  

Alumni may also fill out the wireless registration form to purchase use of the wireless network. 



Please carefully review the Virginia Tech Acceptable Use Policy. You will be held accountable for all of the information pertaining to this policy and as such you will be responsible for all reproductions of a policy infraction. If you are seeking guidance about the acceptable use policy, contact the Information Technology (IT) Security Office

If you believe there has been a deliberate or significant breach of policy or procedure, "promptly report it to the appropriate Dean, Director, or Departmental Head, and to the University Security Office. If it is felt the breach is serious and needs immediate attention, the Virginia Tech Police or local law enforcement should be contacted." - Policy 7000: Acceptable Use and Administration of Computer and Communication Systems, 3.1 Reporting Suspected Security Breaches

Feel free to contact the Stunet office with questions about your wireless service, or if you require assistance outside of our normal business hours, contact 4Help at 540-231-4357.